R.360 - Tay vặn tự động 1/4 inch FACOM - 426612

R.360 - Tay vặn tự động 1/4 inch FACOM - 426612

  • 426612.0100

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Tay cầm thoải mái, chống trượt. Khóa đảo chiều dễ dàng ngay cả khi tay có dầu mỡ, hoặc khi đeo gang tay

Mã đặt hàngModelChiều dài (mm)Số răngĐầu vặn
426612.0100R.360120601/4 inch

Facom R.360,chrome-vanadium steel, chrome-plated, satined, with safety lock.The ideal ratchet for working in confined spaces. Turning the handle completely pretensions the ratchet in 
one direction. Only a few millimetres are needed for loosening or tightening. Rotating the handle 
converts to „no-load“ screwing in or out. Working arc = 0° withrotary handle;working arc = 6° 
when used as a conventional ratchet (60 teeth). Easy unlocking of the end fittings with the press of 
a button; ergonomically shaped ratchet head; fits well into the heel of the hand.

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